• Le Haka des Polynésiens de l'armée française

    Les Polynésiens à l'honneur le 14 juillet dernier.
    Les différents corps sont présents pour ce haka.


    « Haka (47?)9/11 : déjà 10 ans »

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    Vendredi 25 Janvier 2013 à 11:02
    Do you have to go with anyone? Plenty of us (females) have gone by ouelsrves. It's a lot of fun and freeing in a lot of ways. Assuming you just want to have someone with you, I can't really help with specific websites, but there are lots of backpacking sites with message boards in which you can ask about people who will be in the area at the same time as you. I did something like that and met some guy from Colorado in Rome when I backpacked Western Europe. He met me at the train station and already had a hostel booked for me since I was getting in late that night, which was really nice. However, 2 days later in Pompeii he was annoying me so much I was glad he was going to a completely different country than I was next! :) So, it's always a chance (as well as a possibility that they're completely psycho of course). As for locals, meet them while you're there? They're usually everywhere :) Laundrymats, restaurants, bars, can't miss em!
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